The story of Sellin with Elin Green Team

I have loved my job since starting my real estate career in 2006. I thrive in this fast-paced, high-energy industry. I have grown my business through hard work, but my success has brought a high demand on time. So, with encouragement from Brian Campbell, I formed the Sellin with Elin Green Team. While I was reluctant at first to give up control, I haven’t regretted it for a minute! I carefully selected team members who share my business principles and passion for real estate. Here’s the story of how we came together:

I first met Danielle at an open house and later sold her a home in 2013. I was impressed with her creativity and was excited to have her join me in an administrative assistant role. Her attention to detail ensures every transaction is handled smoothly and her marketing background gives us that extra edge. Additionally, she has her real estate license. 

Kate and I have known each other socially for many years.  Kate is easy to talk to, eager to help and a natural in this industry where superior service is vital.  Her professionalism is an asset to the Sellin with Elin Green Team.  

With Beiler-Campbell Realtors behind me and Kate and Danielle on my team,  we can deliver superior service to every client. Our goal is to help you Love Where You Live and make the buying and selling process enjoyable and stress free. ~ Elin Green

Elin Green

If you are looking for a professional who not only specializes in real estate but also customer service, you have found the right person.
I am a full time agent licensed in Pennsylvania and Delaware I am consistantly a top producer at Beiler-Campbell Realtors & Appraisres with over 11 million in sales every year.  Philadelphia Magazine has and 5 Star Institute has named me a  "Five Star Agent" in 2010-2018. I love where I live and work and am an active member of several local organizations. 

Whether Buyin or Sellin, call Elin and your needs will become my priority.
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Danielle Kelley

My background is in marketing and I have always enjoyed the creative side of my work. I began working with Elin in 2014 and enjoy the fast paced nature of the business. I have always been interested in real estate and am a licensed REALTOR. My role with the team allows me to combine my real estate knowledge along with my creative side.
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Kate Wallace

I joined Beiler-Campbell Realtors in April 2018, and have been a PA licensed realtor since 2017.  I also hold a Bachelors degree in Communications from West Chester University.  My professional experience has always centered around customer service; it is truly the backbone of what I do. 

I have always been drawn to real estate, as I have a passion for helping people find what they need.  I enjoy meeting new people, listening to their needs, guiding them through decisions and building lasting relationships. In real estate, no two situations are ever alike.  I love that each transaction is as unique as the individuals involved.

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